“Aspire to Lead” Workshop Series #1 – recap

Posted By on Mar 29, 2014

On Tuesday, 25th of March at 12pm, 85 Broads Melbourne held our first workshop for the year within our ‘Aspire to Lead’ Women’s Leadership series. The workshop, based on the topic of ‘personal branding’, aimed to assist members in practising career development skills so as to foster the successful transition between university and the workforce upon graduation.
Approximately 50 members attended to hear from Stephanie Hough, a Campus and Relationship Manager at PwC, our events sponsor.

Hough began the workshop by defining the leadership gap for members, asking them to consider whether the advancement of women in leadership roles had increased or decreased over the past decade. It surprised many members to note that only 4.6% percent of current Fortune 500 CEOs are women and only 11% percent of top board seats globally are held by women. As one member mentioned, ‘we make up 50% of the population as females, so this lack of diversity means that our voices are simply not getting heard in the work environment’.

The workshop then transitioned to the topic of ‘blindspots’, wherein Hough explained that many people make ‘unconscious assumptions in the workforce that lead to conclusions which influence their behaviour’. This has led to 75% of male respondents and 80% of female respondents in a 2013 survey to associate males with work and females with looking after their family. Members then watched a Pantene video where males and females in the same scenarios were compared, with males being viewed more favourably than females. For example, in one scene, a male and a female were both speaking passionately at a lectern. The man was viewed as ‘persuasive’, whereas the woman was viewed as ‘pushy’.

Later, Hough asked members to identify leaders in the public eye who they believe have developed a strong leadership brand, and identify their key leadership attributes which form this brand. Members were then encouraged to consider their own strengths, passions and values so as to consider their own personal leadership brand and how to improve it. The question ‘what do you want to be known for?’ became a point of discussion within the room as students considered the type of leader that they aspired to become in the future.

The personal branding workshop ended with members receiving both a tip sheet with advice in addition to an action planning worksheet with steps to build their leadership brand. We would like to thank everyone who attended this event and participated. Our second workshop for the year, on the topic ‘Communicating with Impact’, will be held on Tuesday, April 29. We hope to see you there!

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85 Broads Melbourne