Entrepreneurship: a new idea?

Posted By on Jun 22, 2015

‘Entrepreneurship: a new idea’ allowed us to focus on one of our key aspects: entrepreneurship.

This event, moderated by two of our committee members, allowed our members to hear from guest speakers. They each shared their own insights and life journeys of starting their own businesses. From Naked Ambition, we welcomed Fiona Triaca and Erica Davis, from TGA Graduate we welcomed Sarah Ng and from Christo Partners we welcomed Peter Christo. Our members were able to listen to their stories (both personal and about their businesses) then, ask for advice and tips from our guests. The event concluded with a Question and Answer session with our guest panel.

Following the event was doughnuts, sandwiches and macarons prepared by our committee and a short networking session. From a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, we hope that our guests were able to help guide your own career goals, paths and aims for the future. Thank you for joining us at such a successful event. Please look out for our Conversation and Dinner Event next semester!