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Entrepreneurship: a new idea?

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Entrepreneurship: a new idea?

‘Entrepreneurship: a new idea’ allowed us to focus on one of our key aspects: entrepreneurship.

This event, moderated by two of our committee members, allowed our members to hear from guest speakers. They each shared their own insights and life journeys of starting their own businesses. From Naked Ambition, we welcomed Fiona Triaca and Erica Davis, from TGA Graduate we welcomed Sarah Ng and from Christo Partners we welcomed Peter Christo. Our members were able to listen to their stories (both personal and about their businesses) then, ask for advice and tips from our guests. The event concluded with a Question and Answer session with our guest panel.

Following the event was doughnuts, sandwiches and macarons prepared by our committee and a short networking session. From a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, we hope that our guests were able to help guide your own career goals, paths and aims for the future. Thank you for joining us at such a successful event. Please look out for our Conversation and Dinner Event next semester!

Professional Development Workshop 

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Professional Development Workshop 

Our guests, Jessica Bartollota and Nicola Corner from the Chartered Accountants Australian and New Zealand presented about professional development.

Attendees were able to learn about resume writing and interviewing processes. These skills are so valuable in internship interviews and allowed our members to gain workplace tips. This event was particularly interesting, as we ended by holding mock interviews where members were able to test out the skills that they have learnt whilst getting practical advice from our guests.

We hope that you all learned something interesting and insightful from this event. Good luck to everyone applying for internships or graduate positions soon!


Pictured above: Our HR Director Rebecca talking to members during the mock interview.


Pictured above: Learning about interview skills.

For more photos of our event, check out the Facebook album on our page. We hope to see you again at our next event!


(Header photo: Our guest, Jessica Bartolotta from Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand)


Welcome Back High Tea

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Welcome Back High Tea

On Tuesday, the 17th of March, the luck of the Irish was in our favour because we were lucky enough to meet some of our new members and reconnect with old members at our Welcome Back High Tea!

Our keynote speaker Elise Margetts, who hails from The University of Melbourne, undertook a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology. After completing a PhD in Psychology and interning at Harvard University, she is now working at Empirica as a market researcher. She gave us sound advice about navigating our undergraduate degrees, addressed fears and misconceptions about career paths and the importance of figuring out strengths and weaknesses.

Accompanied by copious amounts of tea, sandwiches and elegantly prepared petit fours (fancy word for cupcakes), our 18 guests shared their experiences from recent internships and professional development programs. From a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds, it was very useful to hear their own paths, career goals and aims for the future. This occasion also allowed Ellevate committee members to connect with members and get to know what we as a club can deliver to you.


We hope to see you at more of our events and get to know more of you as the year goes on!

Dinner and Conversation

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Come along to the inaugural Ellevate Melbourne ‘Dinner and Conversation’ event!

Enjoy a sit-down dinner with six of the industry’s most talented female businesswomen at Ellevate Melbourne’s inaugural “Dinner and Conversation” event. Our guests for the evening include:

– Sheryl Thai (Cupcake Central, League of Extraordinary Women)

– Jacqui Martin (Director of the Sodona Consulting Group)

– Jill Storey (Partner at Deloitte)

This evening will enable you to network and obtain advice one-on-one from these leaders, and gain an insight into the non profit, professional services and consulting industries in which they work.


DATE: Wednesday, 27th of August

TIME: 6.30pm onwards

WHERE: Yarra Suite Room, The Marriott Hotel (Corner of Exhibition and Lonsdale Streets)



Price includes: glass of house wine on arrival, shared entrée, main and dessert.

Dinner and Conversation

Relaunch Celebration

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Relaunch Celebration


To celebrate the rebranding of our society and the start of Semester Two, you are invited to Ellevate Melbourne’s (formerly known as 85 Broads) high tea launch event! Come along to meet our committee/club members, learn more about the Ellevate global network, and enjoy some freshly baked treats.

DATE: Tuesday, 19th of August
TIME: 12pm-2pm
WHERE: Level 2 Student Lounge, The Spot

RSVP on Facebook

Please note that this is a members only event. If you are not currently a member, you may sign up on the day.





“Aspire to Lead” Workshop Series # 3 – recap

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“Aspire to Lead” Workshop Series # 3 – recap

On Monday, the 12th of May, 85 Broads Melbourne held their final workshop for the ‘Aspire to Lead’ Women’s Leadership series and the last event for the semester. Graduate recruiter and Campus and Relationship Manager at PwC, Stephanie Hough introduced us to Penny Cooper, the Director of International Assignment Services and a part of the PwC team for 15 years.

Stephanie set the stage with a quick recap of the previous events, quizzing the audience on their opinions on the leadership gap between males and females and also asking thought provoking questions about gender perception and the idea of unconscious bias in the workplace.

Stephanie continued to highlight the benefits and barriers of receiving and giving feedback. One such barrier to receiving feedback is having a fixed mindset and the conflict between need to grow and develop and the need to be accepted as you are. We need to think of feedback as a gift rather than criticism and to not take it personally.

Feedback helps the recipient identify strengths and develop areas that need improvement and focus. To do so we must recognise that we are imperfect and must not be defensive or unwilling to change.

Just as it can be hard to receive feedback, it can also be difficult for someone to give feedback for fear of upsetting the receiver and ruining the relationship. This can lead to a lack of clarity on what is being shared.

Also discussed were the differences between obtaining campus and workplace feedback. As we are all aware, on-campus feedback is direct and frequent, they often come in the form of grades to denote performance. Workplace feedback, however, is less objective, less frequent and less direct, often leaving things subject to interpretation.

Feedback is given in the workplace across three different levels, the internal, external and organisational dimensions. The internal level is where we have the least control, at the core being personality and branching into race, gender, age and so on. At the external level, we gain a little more control over the organisational dimension.

Later, Stephanie introduces members to the AWARE framework. A process recommended for obtaining feedback that involves five important steps:

1. Ask for feedback – e.g. ‘I’m committed to improving my performance, and I value your opinion. I’d like to ask you to share your candid feedback throughout the project so I can continue to learn and grow.’

2. Watch your emotions – e.g. ‘I’m surprised to hear that. I’d like to take some time to think about what you’ve said. Can we take a quick break before moving on?’

3. Ask questions to clarify – e.g. ‘I appreciate the feedback. Can you share an example of when this happened to help me understand why you feel this way?’

4. Reach out for different perspectives – e.g. ‘I received feedback that I need help sorting through. I trust you and would like to share what I heard. Have you seen this behaviour too?’

5. Engage your potential – e.g. ‘Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. My next steps are (outline action items). Can we set up time in a couple of weeks to check in on my progress?’

Throughout the event, members were called upon to discuss their feedback experiences and many interesting responses were received.

The event moved on to a feedback discussion focused on analysing a video of a simulated feedback session between an employee and her manager. Members were given the opportunity to discuss in groups of three to four, how both parties of the session could have altered the way they interacted to make it a more beneficial and pleasant situation for both the giver and receiver of feedback.

The event wrapped up with a video montage of female PwC employees in leadership positions discussing the value of receiving good feedback and providing insight into the challenges women face in the workplace.

A big thank you goes out to all our members who attended the workshop series and contributed to the discussions. It has been a rewarding journey and we hope it has proved to be an inspiring experience for you all.

We would like to wish everyone good luck with their exams and we look forward to seeing you all again in Semester Two.

With Love,

85 Broads Melbourne

“Aspire to Lead” Workshop Series # 2 – recap

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“Aspire to Lead” Workshop Series # 2 – recap

Despite the rain and sullen skies, we had a great turnout in our second workshop held on Tuesday 29th April. Stephanie Hough, Campus and Relationship Manager at PwC, welcomed attendants and introduced them to Kaajri Vaughan, a Senior Manager in Tax and Private Clients at PwC Melbourne.

Stephanie started off by refreshing attendants’ memories of some of the material covered from the first workshop with another pop quiz on female leadership.

Bonus question for those who were not able to make it: do you think the advancement of women in leadership roles has increased, declined, or plateaued over the past decade?

The advancement of women in leadership roles has actually plateaued over the past decade. What does this all mean though? Why is the lack of women leaders a problem?Out of the many reasons brought up from discussions around the room, Kaajri mentioned how 007employees in large firms are still predominantly male, and that simply does not provide new female employees a positive role model to relate and aspire to. These female role models could be women who balance both family and career, and without one, females may feel that it is not achievable to balance both out.

Stephanie then continued to explain how women are a critical part of talent pool globally, and companies are in fierce competition for top talent. Looking towards the future, innovation and new ideas requires diverse perspectives and women have that different input that companies want.

How does this impact you?

For women: your generation has the opportunity to change the landscape so women can fulfill their leadership potential.

For men: understanding gender dynamics will make you a more effective colleague, coach and leader in the future.

Stephanie then continued on to the next topic of confidence, and the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem. Self-confidence referred to the trust you put in your own skills and abilities, behaviors while self-esteem was the feeling of personal worth.

While self-confidence can be changed over time, self-esteem fundamentally forms during your childhood. Thus, confidence can be built outside in while self-esteem is built from inside out.

Confidence will definitely change as we transition from campus to career: there are no more predictable deadlines, no equal-level playing ground; once stepping into the work environment, we begin at the bottom of the learning curve, given shifting deadlines and less time to prepare and working with people of varied experience levels.

Kaajri gave a little advice on this point: never be afraid of not knowing everything. Ask questions and don’t apologise before asking the question! She continued to explain how she saw in group exercises in the recruitment process, 70% of the time, the men were taking the lead in conversations where women felt unsure of commenting, hesitating because they were afraid of making a silly comment.

But is everything really in what we say? Stephanie moved to the the topic of non-verbal behaviors next, emphasizing their importance in conversation and projection of confidence. Other than the verbal and nonverbal side of self-presentation, components of confidence included a point-of-view, presence, and practice. Kaajri brought up an experience recruiting a student who asked informed questions and provided an unique perspective that nobody else gave, and that itself, left a greater impression than the rest of the interview.

Kaajri wrapped up the workshop with a video of females in leadership positions in PwC. The material provided insight into the work industry and real life advice about projecting confidence in your work environment.

We would like to end this recap with a quote from Nora Wu, a member of PwC’s Global Board of Partners and Principals, which we find particularly inspiring:

“If a woman waits for the perfect time or conditions to be ready to lead, that time may never come. Just be courageous and take charge when an opportunity comes.”

Thank you for all who attended the event and participated in the inspirational conversations throughout the workshop. Photos can be found on our Facebook page. It was great to see so many eager and aspirational students, both female and male, in the room.

Our third and final workshop with PwC will be held on Monday 12 May. Registrations are already open here so book in to secure your attendance. We look forward to seeing you all there!

With love,

85 Broads Melbourne

Creating Future Leaders Series Seminar 2

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Attention all 85 Broads members!

The Faculty of Business and Economics is proud to present the second installment of its Creating Future Leaders Series with guest speaker Melodie Rosevear, CEO of Teach for Australia, on Tuesday 6 May, 2014.

Title: ‘Melodie Potts Rosevear: Social Entrepreneur & Education Change-maker’
Tuesday, 6 May
Time: 5:30 – 6:30pm (followed by a 30 minute networking event, refreshments will be provided)
Venue: Lecture Theatre 1, Level 1, the Spot, 198 Berkeley Street

Registrations Essential:

Seminar Overview:

Melodie will share her evolution as a change maker: from consultant with the Boston Consulting Group through to social entrepreneur, founding and leading Teach for Australia (TFA), a high-profile not-for-profit that addresses educational disadvantage and empowers a new generation of change makers. Learn how you, too, can become a change maker and address pressing social issues.

MPR photoMelodie Potts Rosevear founded Teach for Australia (TFA) after recognising the need for leadership in education.

Prior to TFA, Melodie was a founding staff member of the Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership in Queensland, helping advance the Institute’s ambitious reform agenda through policy research, community engagement and the establishment of operational and business models.

Previously, Melodie was a consultant with Boston Consulting Group, where she worked on a variety of corporate and social projects, including an achievement gap reduction and school reconfiguration project for an urban school district.

Join us at this special seminar to be inspired by a dynamic, forward thinking social entrepreneur and Australian business leader.

“Aspire to Lead” Workshop Series #1 – recap

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“Aspire to Lead” Workshop Series #1 – recap

On Tuesday, 25th of March at 12pm, 85 Broads Melbourne held our first workshop for the year within our ‘Aspire to Lead’ Women’s Leadership series. The workshop, based on the topic of ‘personal branding’, aimed to assist members in practising career development skills so as to foster the successful transition between university and the workforce upon graduation.
Approximately 50 members attended to hear from Stephanie Hough, a Campus and Relationship Manager at PwC, our events sponsor.

Hough began the workshop by defining the leadership gap for members, asking them to consider whether the advancement of women in leadership roles had increased or decreased over the past decade. It surprised many members to note that only 4.6% percent of current Fortune 500 CEOs are women and only 11% percent of top board seats globally are held by women. As one member mentioned, ‘we make up 50% of the population as females, so this lack of diversity means that our voices are simply not getting heard in the work environment’.

The workshop then transitioned to the topic of ‘blindspots’, wherein Hough explained that many people make ‘unconscious assumptions in the workforce that lead to conclusions which influence their behaviour’. This has led to 75% of male respondents and 80% of female respondents in a 2013 survey to associate males with work and females with looking after their family. Members then watched a Pantene video where males and females in the same scenarios were compared, with males being viewed more favourably than females. For example, in one scene, a male and a female were both speaking passionately at a lectern. The man was viewed as ‘persuasive’, whereas the woman was viewed as ‘pushy’.

Later, Hough asked members to identify leaders in the public eye who they believe have developed a strong leadership brand, and identify their key leadership attributes which form this brand. Members were then encouraged to consider their own strengths, passions and values so as to consider their own personal leadership brand and how to improve it. The question ‘what do you want to be known for?’ became a point of discussion within the room as students considered the type of leader that they aspired to become in the future.

The personal branding workshop ended with members receiving both a tip sheet with advice in addition to an action planning worksheet with steps to build their leadership brand. We would like to thank everyone who attended this event and participated. Our second workshop for the year, on the topic ‘Communicating with Impact’, will be held on Tuesday, April 29. We hope to see you there!

With love,

85 Broads Melbourne

Creating Future Leaders Series Seminar 1

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Creating Future Leaders Series Seminar 1

Heads up to all 85 Broads members!

The Faculty of Business and Economics is inviting all motivated and aspirational students to join their Creating Future Leaders Series seminar featuring Telstra 2013 Business Woman of the Year, Natalie Collard, Chief Executive Officer at the Australian Dairy Farmers Limited (ADF).


Title: ‘Inspiring Change: An Authentic Leadership Journey’
Tuesday, 1 April
Time: 5:30 – 6:45 (followed by a networking event, refreshments will be provided)
Venue: Lecture Theatre 1, Level 1, the Spot, 198 Berkeley Street

Registrations Essential:

Natalie Collard, Victorian Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2013 and national finalist for the National Australia Bank (NAB) Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards 2013, is a firm believer in inspiring change. Natalie is no stranger to roles of high impact and national importance, having contributed significantly to the Australian business sector and the wider community through her roles in Defence (both in and out of uniform), arms control, the UN, Foreign Affairs and Trade, as well as Agriculture.

As the CEO of ADF, Natalie led and developed an innovative organisational structure and vision that increased profitability for farmers in the community. At this seminar, Natalie will share her insights on inspiring change and the positive impact it can make towards the professional growth of a leader and the organisation they are leading.

In Natalie’s own words, ‘I pursue roles where I can make a difference and enjoy the journey, which leads to incredible opportunities, growth and fun.’ Join us at this special seminar to be inspired by a dynamic, recognised agenda setter and Australian business leader.